Condominium For Sale In CEBU CITY (Capital), CEBU

  • room Cebu City (capital), Cebu
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  • WEB REF. # 49176470

Condominium For Sale In CEBU CITY (Capital), CEBU

  • room Cebu City (capital), Cebu
  • search 726 views
  • WEB REF. # 49176470
  • Features 263 one-bedroom to five-bedroom living spaces ranging from 38 to 542 sq (read more...) expand_more
    Features 263 one-bedroom to five-bedroom living spaces ranging from 38 to 542 square meters. Each unit boasts a high-to-floor ceiling height of 2.9 meters, and residents can enjoy 360° views of the ocean, the mountains, and the city.

    Cardinal Rosales Avenue corner Samar Loop, Cebu
    Business Park, Brgy. Hipodromo, Cebu City, Cebu

    Land Area: 2,245 sq.m.

    Residential condominium

    Carefully planned with the health, safety, and security in mind, It is designed to be an ideal address heading into the future as residents will benefit from lower electric and water bills, and improved indoor air quality.

    - Pre-certified LEED Gold and vying for BERDE certification
    - Efficient building envelope to ensure that you have a cooler temperature inside your home all year round  Bicycle facilities with racks and repair station to promote convenient and healthier means of transportation
    Potager Garden at Lucima for a supply of fresh, nutritious and organic produce
    - Home to endemic and endangered vegetation to promote a vibrant biodiversity
    Rainwater management to collect and to store rainwater as an alternative source for watering the plants
    - Gender-inclusive restrooms for gender equality
    24/7 semi-autonomous security surveillance robots to promote a safer, contactless environment
    Virtual concierge for an enhanced contactless customer experience
    -  Contactless technologies (faucet, elevator, lighting) in common areas

    Unit Features:
    - Vying for EDGE and WELL certification
    Low-flow plumbing fixtures to lessen your water consumption and achieve at least 20% savings in your water bill
    Double glazed façade, energy efficient air-conditioning and lighting system contribute to lowering your energy consumption to achieve at least 40% savings in your electric bills
    Air tight units to prevent sound and odor transmission between walls, promoting better acoustic performance and indoor air quality
    Equipped with Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) to save energy and to improve indoor air quality by bringing in fresh, filtered air. Residents will have fewer colds, less allergies, and sleep better, as it keeps the space free from harmful pathogens
    Equipped with Carbon Monoxide Monitors to keep track of pollutants for a safe and healthy indoor air quality
    Optimized natural daylight to appreciate the views of nature while getting that much-needed Vitamin D immunity boost from the sun for enhanced mood and productivity
    Maximized natural ventilation to keep indoor air quality clean by allowing fresh air to circulate inside through its operable windows
    Bathrooms are equipped with smart exhaust to expel excess moisture, reducing risk to respiratory health issues
    -  Low-emitting and non-toxic building materials to reduce risk exposure from toxic compounds

    • Disinfecting Mats at the lobby and parking entrances
    • Thermal Camera in the main lobby
    • Virtual Concierge in the main lobby 
    • Touchless Alcohol Dispensers in all common areas
    • Air Purifiers with patented technology that removes up to 99% of airborne mold, bacteria, and viruses in all common areas
    • Regular cleaning and sanitation of high-touch surfaces

    • Regular misting of common areas using antimicrobial coating solution that kills pathogens for weeks on single application
    • All units are equipped with Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) to induce and circulate fresh air in the space
    • Physical distancing markers in high-foot traffic areas
    • High Efficiency Filters to prevent harmful microbes and pathogens into the space

    Security and Maintenance:
    • Property Management by Emera Property Management
    • Security and safety command center
    • Integrated CCTV camera security system in common areas
    • Centralized Waste Disposal System
    • Fire and Earthquake Monitoring or Alarm System

    - Sun Deck
    - Lounge Pool
    - Kiddie Pool

    - Fitness Center
    - Kids Play Room
    - Function Hall
    - Fitness Center
    - Kids Play Room
    - Function Hall

Listing Details - WEB REF. # 49176470
Listing Details - WEB REF. # 49176470

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